Service Types

Voice, messages, and faxes can be routed to one of several destination options: a configured and registered Device (e.g. SIP handset, Fractelfone mobile app, or WebRTC endpoint), Forward to another telephone number, available Conference, registered IVR, registered Scheduler, registered Fax, registered VoiceMail or registered Monetizer. There is also the option to return SIP signals (Reject, Hangup or Busy).

DeviceThe ID for the destination device (12 digits)987123543678
ForwardA forwarding phone number (Max 16 digits)3215551111
ConferenceThe ID for the destination conference (Max 128 characters)CONF7339898399
IVRThe ID for the destination IVR Menu (Max 128 characters)IVR3023534287
SchedulerThe ID for the destination scheduler (Max 128 characters)TOD6485574486
FaxThe ID for the destination fax (7-16 digits)3215551111
VoiceMailThe ID for the destination voicemail box (Max 128 characters)VM1055080443
MonetizerThe ID for the destination monetizer
RejectReject SIP Signal
HangupHangup SIP Signal
BusyBusy SIP Signal