FoneStorm conference object representing a conference resource in the object store.

  "id": "f9037cf2-363e-4506-915f-4419e5d69c52",
  "label": "Work Progress Meeting",
  "start_time": "2017-11-20T18:39:00.000Z",
  "end_time": "2017-11-20T19:39:00.000Z",
  "before_message": "It's too early to join the conference call.",
  "after_message": "The conference call is no longer available.",
  "max_members": 10
idstringUnique identifier of conference.
labelstringLabel for conference.
start_timedateStart time and date of conference.
end_timedateEnd time and date of conference.
max_membersintegerMaximum number of allowed conference attendees.
before_messagestringMessage to play before conference start time.
after_messagestringMessage to play after conference end time.