Voicemail Message

FoneStorm Voicemail message object representing an account resource in the object store.

  "id": "VM1212121212",
  "label": "Test VM",
  "total_messages": 1,
  "messages": [{
    "caller_name":"3214991000 <FRACTEL>",
    "status": "Read",
    "length": 10,
    "url": "https://example.com/file.wav",
    "created_at": "06-01-2021 12:01:20",
    "read_at": "06-01-2021 12:10:30"

Response Properties

idstringVoicemail box ID
labelstringName/Label for Voicemail box
total_messagesnumberTotal number of messages in Voicemail box
messagesarrayArray of message objects

Message Object

caller_idstringIncoming call's caller id
caller_namestringIncoming call's caller id name
statusstringVoicemail message status Read or New
lengthnumberLength of the voicemail message in seconds
urlstringVoicemail message sound file url
created_atdateVoicemail message created timestamp
read_atdateVoicemail message read timestamp