Create PortOrder

Add a new PortOrder to an account.



Add Subaccount code, if you want to port phone numbers to a particular subaccount.


Address can be added two ways, either by adding address_1 and address 2 or providing house_number, street_name etc. Address is required added with the either option.

  • company - Company name
  • address_1 - Address line 1
  • address_2 - Address line 1
  • house_prefix - House number prefix like Apt.
  • house_number - House number
  • house_suffix - House suffix
  • pre_directional - Street pre directional
  • street_name - Street name
  • street_suffix - Street suffix
  • post_directional - Street post directional
  • city - City name
  • state - One of the state name from the options. Options only include states from United States and Canada. For International addresses, leave state blank.
  • zip - Zip code
  • country - Value can be - United States or Canada or International


  • first_name - First name of the contact
  • middle_initial - Middle initial of the contact
  • last_name - Last name of the contact
  • email - Email address of the contact
  • Phone - Phone number of the contact
  • title - Title of the Authorized user
  • authorized_user - Authorized user's name


  • service_provider - Current service provider name
  • account_number - Account number from current service provider
  • pin - PIN from current service provider
  • billing_number - Billing number from current service provider


  • desired_due_date - Desired due date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • partial_port - Set this flag for partial port. Default False.
  • wireless - Set this flag if numbers are wireless numbers. Default False.
  • business - Set this flag if numbers are business numbers. Default True.
  • new_btn - New billing telephone number


An array of additional email addresses to receive port order updates.


An array of phone number objects.

  • phone_number - 10 digit phone number
  • fax - Set this flag if number is a fax number. Default False.
Response Properties


Porting a phone number to your account may result in additional charges and fees.

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