Send Call

Send a new voice call from a FoneNumber to a recipient phone number.

This will place a call to the given to phone number, with a caller ID corresponding to the given fonenumber. When the call connects, the API returns with the call ID, and the destination identified by service_id will be connected.


US and International Dialing

• All non-numeric characters in a phone number are ignored; a value like "(321) 499-1008" will be interpreted as 3214991008.

• When calling a number within the United States, use 1+10 digits: 13214991000

• For international dialing: 011+(country code)+digits: 01149894567898
In this example, '49' is the country code for Germany)



A valid phone number (7 to 15 digits long) or a configured Speed Dial (1 to 6 digits long).


The to parameter contains the corresponding setting for the destination.

DeviceThe ID for the destination device987123543678Use the Get Devices endpoint to get the desired device ID.
VoiceMailThe ID for the destination VoiceMailVM7878452661Use the Get Voicemails endpoint to get the desired voicemail ID.
SoundFileA valid URL for sound file to play. See below for more information.
TTSText StringHello, this is a test callText-to-speech. See below for more information.
PhonenumberTelephone number3215551111Valid 7 to 15 digit telephone number

TTS: Text-to-speech supports the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) for improved control over how the text is read. Official documentation is provided at the W3C SSML page.

SoundFile: Currently, only WAV files accessible by the given URL are supported. Support for uploaded files and other formats is coming soon.


Calls can be connected to one of several destination types: a configured and registered Device (e.g. SIP handset, Fractelfone mobile app, or WebRTC endpoint), a configured VoiceMail box, a SoundFile URL, or to another PhoneNumber. There is also an option to set the destination type to TTS (text-to-speech), in which the message specified by the to field is read out via speech synthesis. Use the type parameter to specify the type of call that needs to be made.

Response Properties
callobjectCall object.


Making calls may result in additional charges and fees to your account.

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