Reserve FoneNumbers

Reserve FoneNumbers available in FracTEL inventory.


FoneNumbers will be reserved for 3 hours (180 minutes).

This will reserve Local or Toll-Free FoneNumbers available in FracTEL inventory. Check response for order status, each FoneNumber will have result parameter, result can be SUCCESS or ERROR.
Process of reserving Local or Inventory FoneNumber has two steps, please check Reserve Numbers for more info.



This command can only reserve number if the order_string is correct. Please use the exact order_string from the response of Search Local Reserve Inventory FoneNumbers or Search TollFree Reserve Inventory FoneNumbers .

  "fonenumbers": [
      "fonenumber": "3214991000",
      "state": "FL",
      "rate_center": "ORLANDO",
      "result": "SUCCESS",
      "expires_at": "2020-04-15 13:32:53"
      "fonenumber": "8884991000",
      "state": "US",
      "rate_center": "TOLLFREE",
      "result": "ERROR",
      "expires_at": ""
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