Send Message

Send an SMS or MMS message.

Send an SMS or MMS message to a recipient. In its simplest use, you can use the to, fonenumber and message fields to send a basic text message. FoneStorm will respond with an id for the message that can be used to retrieve further information on status and delivery.


Networks impose a limit of one message per second per sending (from) number. Calls that exceed this rate limit will receive an error code of 410 - Rate Limit Exceeded.



Binaries, as identified by media, have a size limit of 15MB. Parameter media can accept a file or a URL of the file.

Supported MMS File Types

ExtensionFile Type-ExtensionFile Type-ExtensionFile Type-ExtensionFile Type


Message sending confirmation callback URLs receive JSON data via a POST request (see below for a description of the data package) but can also use token replacements to receive callback data values in query string parameters. For more information, see Callbacks / Web Hooks.

tostringPhone number of recipient.
fromstringFoneNumber of sender.
msgstringContents of the message.
dsstringDelivery state of the message. Potential values are waiting, delivered or not-delivered.
dcintDelivery code of the message. Potential values are:
  • 000 - Message delivered to carrier
  • 100 - Message not delivered to carrier
  • 187 - Statistical spam detected
  • 188 - Keyword spam detected
  • 189 - Spam detected
  • 482 - Loop detected
  • 600 - Destination carrier could not accept messages
  • 610 - Message submission failed
  • 620 - Destination application error
  • 630 - Message not acknowledged
  • 720 - Invalid destination number
  • 740 - Invalid source number
  • 999 - Unknown error
idstringUnique identifier for the message.
Response Properties


Sending messages may result in additional charges and fees to your account.

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