FoneStorm ringgroup object representing an account resource in the object store.

  "label":"RingGroup Test 2",
  "destinations": [{
  "greeting":"TTS:Hello this is a welcome message",

Response Properties

idstringRingGroup ID
labelstringName/Label for RingGroup
destinationsarrayArray of destination objects consisting destination type and destination id
greetingstringSound file URL or Text to speech string
ring_strategystringOne of the ring strategy - Simultaneous, Sequential, Random or LongestIdle
max_ring_timeintegerMaximum ring time in seconds
ring_timeoutintegerRing timeout in seconds
ring_busy_destinationsbooleanRing busy destinations yes or no
failover_typestringOne of the supported Failover destinations - Conference, Hangup, Busy, Reject, Forward, IVRMenu, Scheduler, Device, Voicemail
failoverstringFailover ID