FoneStorm voicemail object representing an account resource in the object store.

  "id": "VM1212121212",
  "label": "Test VM",
  "access_id": "1111",
  "access_pin": "1111",
  "email_preference": "OnDemand",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "delete_emailed_messages": true,
  "active": true

Response Properties

idstringVoicemail ID
labelstringName/Label for Voicemail
access_idstring1 to 6 digit access id
access_pinstring1 to 6 digit access pin
email_preferencestringOne of the Email preference - Message, Notification or OnDemand
emailstringEmail address for sending voicemail messages
delete_emailed_messagesbooleanDelete emailed message or not
activebooleanVoicemail box is active or not