FoneStorm portorder object representing a portorder on account.

  "id": "20045551234",
  "status": "foc",
  "port_order_date": "2022-06-07",
  "foc_at": "2022-06-15",
  "subaccount": null,
  "account_info": {
  	"company": "FracTEL, LLC",
    "address_1": "122 4th Ave.",
    "address_2": "Ste. 201",
    "house_prefix": "",
    "house_number": "",
    "house_suffix": "",
    "pre_directional": "",
    "street_name": "",
    "street_suffix": "",
    "post_directional": "",
    "city": "Indialantic",
    "state": "FL",
    "zip": "32903",
    "country": "United States"
  "contact_info": {
  	"first_name": "John",
    "middle_initial": "",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "title": "Owner",
    "authorized_user": "John Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "3214991000"
  "current_service": {
  	"service_provider": "T-mobile",
    "account_number": "12341234",
    "pin": "1234",
    "billing_number": "3214991000"
  "port_settings": {
  	"desired_due_date": "2022-06-15",
    "partial_port": false,
    "wireless": false,
    "business": true,
    "new_btn": ""
  "customer_notes": "",
  "observers": "",
  "phone_numbers": [
      "phone_number": "3214991000,
      "fax": false

Response Properties

idstringPortOrder ID
statusstringPortOrder status
port_order_datedatePortOrder submit date in YYYY-MM-DD format
foc_atdatePortOrder FOC date in YYYY-MM-DD format
subaccountstringSubaccount number
account_infoobjectAccount Information
contact_infoobjectContact Information
current_serviceobjectCurrent service provider information
port_settingsobjectAdditional settings
customer_notesstringCustomer notes / suggestions / issue
observersstringAdditional email address to receive status updates
phone_numbersarrayArray of phone_number object

account_info object

companystringCompany name
address_1stringAddress line 1
address_2stringAddress line 2
house_prefixstringHouse prefix
house_numberstringHouse number
house_suffixstringHouse suffix
pre_directionalstringPre directional
street_namestringStreet name
street_suffixstringStreet Suffix
post_directionalstringPost directional
statestringState - A USA state or A Canadian state
zipstringZip code
countrystringCountry - United States, Canada or International

contact_info object

first_namestringFirst name
middle_initialstringMiddle initial
last_namestringLast name
authorized_userstringAuthorized user's name
emailstringEmail address
phonestringphone number

current_service object

service_providerstringCurrent service provider's name
account_numberstringAccount number with current service provider
pinstringPIN with current service provider
billing_numberstringBilling number with current service provider

port_settings object

desired_due_datedateDesired due date in YYYY-MM-DD format
partial_portbooleanA partial port or not
wirelessbooleanWireless number or not
businessbooleanBusiness number or not
new_btnbooleanNew billing number

phone_number object

phone_numberstring10 digit phone number
faxbooleanFax number or not