Create RingGroup

Add a new RingGroup to an account.



Name/Label for the RingGroup


Array of destination objects.

Destination Object:

  • destination_type - Destination type can be Device or SpeedDial.
  • destination- Destination can be a device id or a speed dial, which depends on the destination_type.


Greeting message for incoming calls. It can be a sound file or text.


Four ring strategies are supported:

  • Simultaneous - Ring all destinations simultaneous
  • Sequential - Ring all destinations is a sequence one by one
  • Random - Ring all destinations randomly one by one
  • LongestIdle - Ring a destination which was idle from longest time


Maximum ring time in seconds for a destination. After seconds pass next destination will ring.


Ring timeout in seconds. Call will be sent to failover if no one answers call until specified seconds.


Ring busy destination or not.


Failover type for the RingGroup. FracTEL network will send call to failover destination after ring_timeout seconds pass.

HangupHangup incoming call
RejectReject incoming call
BusySend busy signal to the incoming call
DeviceThe ID for the destination device987123543678
PhonenumberA forwarding phone number3215551111
ConferenceThe ID for the destination Conference456123543123
IVRMenuThe ID for the destination IVRMenu456123543678
SchedulerThe ID for the destination Scheduler123123543678
VoicemailThe ID for the destination Voicemail Box298123543678


Failover depends on the failover type.

Sample Response

  "ringgroup": {
    "label":"RingGroup Test 2",
    "destinations": [{
    "greeting":"TTS:Hello this is a welcome message",

Response Properties

idstringRingGroup ID
labelstringName/Label for RingGroup
destinationsarrayArray of destination objects consisting destination type and destination id
greetingstringSound file URL or Text to speech string
ring_strategystringOne of the ring strategy - Simultaneous, Sequential, Random or LongestIdle
max_ring_timeintegerMaximum ring time in seconds
ring_timeoutintegerRing timeout in seconds
ring_busy_destinationsbooleanRing busy destinations yes or no
failover_typestringOne of the supported Failover destinations - Conference, Hangup, Busy, Reject, Forward, IVRMenu, Scheduler, Device, Voicemail
failoverstringFailover ID
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